LE COQ PORCELAINE’s project comes to reality in 2019, when the brand is acquired by ILSA s.r.l.; from here the company embarks on a new itinerary of designing and developing high performance products intended for the Ho.Re.Ca. and banqueting world.

The Animae project

Amongst the marvelous Le Coq Porcelaine repertoire we have introduced a new collection with a precious design that literally “inspired” us to start a side-project.


Get inspired by our collections through culinary creations and table setting.

Astreo table lamp with pleated design, copper color

Astreo table lamps

Astreo table lamps Astreo table lamps are one of the most recent introduction in Le Coq Porcelaine assortment and have already… read more
table setting with alumina porcelain collection Kerasia by Le Coq Porcelaine Ivory plates with oriental tree design


Kerasiá Oriental concept, embossed decoration and harmonious shapes: this is Kerasiá, the latest introduction in Le Coq Porcelaine assortment. … read more
light blue drinking glass vortex design, Zephyrus collection by Le Coq Porcelaine

Zephyrus collection drinking glasses

Zephyrus collection drinking glasses Zephyrus collection drinking glasses by Le Coq porcelaine are made of alabaster glass and manufactured in… read more


Déras, the mythologic Golden Fleece which Jason and the Argonauts sort after, inspires the name of this collection with its… read more


The design and precious finishes of this collection remind us of the bright sunburst crown of Helios, the god of… read more


A collection characterized by modern and sophisticated shapes. Smooth white and ethereal green pay tribute to the female deities associated… read more


The design of this collection, with its opposition of nuances and shapes, re-call the myths of the seasons and their… read more

Our work on unique designs and shapes advances with the research for the best supplier and high-quality materials

Alumina Porcelain, Bone China, New Bone China, Porcelain, Stoneware… Learn more about the features of our finest materials.